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Have you been conscious of dimensionality?

According to the theory of physics, there is a story that this world is made up of 11 dimensions.

Photographs seem to seem as if looking into the world from a higher dimension that confined the three-dimensional space there by projecting a real three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional paper.

In this work, the six photographs taken were printed once, each cube was surrounded by six photographs, and a mirror ball was floated at the center of the photograph, and it was taken again.

Each of the six photos is a photo taken vertically and horizontally around the point.

The space enclosed by this photo creates a space of three or more dimensions, and a mirror ball that reflects everything in it represents a multidimensional space.

Perhaps the world in which we are present is just one of these worlds. It may be that another world is spreading just by not being able to recognize multidimensionality in fact.

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