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To make one thing by adding another thing to it. Also, to put several kinds of things together.


The theme of this work, "marble," is "mixing.

The work is characterized by the fact that multiple photographs are mixed together to create a new world.

Each photo mixed by image processing is distorted, split, inverted, or even increased in size.

Unlike so-called composite photographs or collages, this work is similar to the act of mixing paints. Each photograph is like a painting, and by mixing them on the canvas, they become a new photographic expression that is intricately intertwined.

The most distinctive feature of this work is that the artist paints not with the colors of paint, but with the actual colors of the real world, in other words, he paints pictures with photographs.

Since everything that can be photographed can be freely mixed and matched, the possibilities for color tone expression are endless.


The resulting work is a complex marble-like mixture of multiple photographs, and at first glance it appears to be a painting.

However, when one looks closer, one can see that there are still images of the original photographs everywhere, indicating that this is not a painting made with paint.

This work is either a photograph that looks like a painting or a painting made from a photograph.


Through this work, I hope to convey the charm of the colors and shapes of objects, and the beauty of the colors that can be expressed by mixing them.

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